Browning Out, and What it Means…

I know, sounds disgusting, probably related to shit, right? Wrong! Browning out is actually the best thing ever, in my opinion. You’ve likely heard of two other terms similar to this one, in “blacking out” and “greening out.” These obviously don’t have a great connotation, but contrary to these phrases, this one is baller if you’re somewhat sentient.

this dude is fucking sloshed

The concept of browning out is pretty simple. While blacking out and greening out pertain to having too much alcohol and marijuana, browning out is close, but not really. It’s like blacking out, but you remember a good portion of things the day after. You have all the fun of being absolutely fucking obliterated without the awful consequence of waking up, rolling over, and seeing the mistake you made last night! It’s pretty dope honestly. It’s like being that level of drunk where you could say WHATEVER you want and face ZERO consequences.

It’s pretty lit if you know your limits and don’t blackout on accident like a fuckin’ idiot. This article isn’t really too long, didn’t feel like it needed much more explanation than what I’ve given. Consider this to be wise words from the beer god, happy and safe drinking my children…

Written by tfmroto

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