Bryson DeChambeau Says to Forgive Saudi Arabia for 9/11

Bryson DeChambeau had an interview on CNN today where he talked about the LIV-PGA Merger and the Saudi involvement. Among other things he said to defend LIV and the Saudi’s who run the organization, he said it’s time to move forward and forgive them. More specifically, he said it’s time for the world to move toward a place of forgiveness. But he also said this after praising LIV as a whole and what they will do for golf. The message that I learned from this interview, is that 100 million dollars is enough to buy one man’s forgiveness.

DeChambeau was a really strange person to put in this interview. It makes sense when you consider their other biggest name was coked out of his mind at a Florida Panthers game. Either way, they probably could’ve put a man in a turban wearing a “Death to America” t-shirt and proved their point better. DeChambeau was chugging an energy drink the entire time. Also, every time he made a point, the host immediately pointed out that he totally ignored her question. This might’ve been intended to be the olive branch that made everyone accept the new ownership of golf. It felt more like a middle finger, though.

I’m the type of person whos golf knowledge comes entirely from hearing my friends talk about their missed bets on the Masters. This means, I can’t give a valuable opinion on what this means for the game of golf. Twitter seems to be divided on it. But I don’t know which accounts have a valuable opinion about golf, so I don’t know what to make of any of it. What I can tell, is the image they are giving themselves by associating with a country that has been historically violent to us has been pretty mismanaged. Maybe don’t suggest forgiveness for 9/11. There were other places to take that defense that could’ve made sense. This was not one of them. 

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