Bud Light Can’t Even GIVE Beer Away

In case you haven’t paid any attention to the world around you whatsoever over the past month or so, Bud Light is really in the crapper. After joining together with a trans actor,Dylan Mulvaney, Bud Light received huge levels of hate for the decision. Maybe actress? I’m honestly not sure. They clearly didn’t take into account that most people who buy their beer probably aren’t going to jump on board some woke advertising tactic. Now, Bud Light can’t even give beer away.

Anyway, Bud Light’s sales have dropped like crazy. It seems that it’s so bad they can’t even hand it out to people on the streets. Imagine that: people hate your brand so much that they won’t even take beer from you for free. I didn’t even know that was possible if I’m being quite honest. I always try to have the mindset of “if it’s free, it’s for me,” especially if it involves alcohol, but Bud Light proved the world wrong. People said no one turns down free beer, and Bud Light said, “Wait until you see this.”

It seems that Anheuser-Busch decided that they would offer up a $15 rebate on any purchase of Bud Light. For cases of Bud Light that run consumers $14.49, you can now get back $15 in rebate, which (after Googling) I discovered was a refund. Not sure why they just don’t use the word that everyone already knows to make it simple, but add it to the list of things Bud Light has messed up.

Despite that genius marketing play, Bud Light suffered serious blows as shelves of beer options cleared out for Memorial Day Weekend, leaving nothing but blue cans left for last minute shoppers:

Well, it looks like Bud Light’s reign over beer is finished.

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