Bud Light is 14 on List of America’s Favorite Beer

Bud Light is going through it right now. Their sales have plummeted in the United States since their ad campaign with Dylan Mulvaney. Since then, they doubled down on their original statement, and then attempted to reverse course when their numbers really started to take a hit. Basically, Bud Light has been all over the place, and this spiral has taken them off the list of America’s ten most popular beers. 

Bud Light had a long run as America’s highest selling beer. If you went to a tailgate a year ago, you would see more Bud Light’s attached to hands than wedding rings. Now, I couldn’t even imagine holding a Bud Light in front of anyone capable of voicing an opinion. It has truly become the quickest way to expose yourself as someone not worth talking to in public. 

The business implications of this are obviously significant, but I failed macroeconomics so I’m not sure I can say anything about them. The most important part of this, is who is going to win this Game of Thrones situation going on with the beer industry. Someone needs to claim the title of top dog in the beer industry. We know it won’t be Bud Light, so let’s look at some other options.

Coors Light- This is basically Bud Light but a few more dollars for a case of thirty. As cool as it is, to watch a mountain turn blue, it’s not able to be a star in the industry. No thanks.

Yuengling– My personal favorite. It will never be the most popular, and I’m ok with that. 

Budweiser- Same awful company, the beer is darker and more expensive. The public will never go for it. 

Guinness- This is a sleeper pick. As a country, we could decide to copy Ireland as a nation of drunks. This would be a good first step. 

Natty Light- I think this is the answer. It tastes the same as Bud Light (not really, but it’s close enough). It’s also cheaper, and has been around long enough that your grandfather will love seeing it. 

Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of Natty Light, I think these options have made it clear that it has more to offer than its competitors. Don’t drink it if you don’t want. But it’s the official drink of America starting today. 

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