Bud Light: Mulvaney Out, Kelce In

Bud Light has officially tossed out Dylan Mulvaney and brought in the replacement: Travis Kelce.

After an anti-woke campaign that turned into a full force Bud Light boycott for promoting transgender Dylan Mulvaney as the face of their company, Anheuser-Busch has brought in someone new. Today, right before one of the biggest beer drinking holidays of the year, Bud Light released their first commercial since the Mulvaney fiasco and its star is Travis Kelce.

My first impression of this commercial is that clearly Bud Light tried to reverse course as much as possible. Instead of using transgender people, every person in this commercial looks exactly like who is supposed to be drinking Bud Light — lazy dudes.

Yes, Bud Light finally nailed their target audience right on the nose, but it feels like all they could come up with is that guys make noises when they sit down. True, yes, but I would’ve liked to see more effort put in considering they lost basically all of their customers. Maybe show us some girls in bikinis or something else that shows you’ve changed.

Despite not loving the attempt given, I see why they picked Kelce. He is the complete opposite of Mulvaney. Not only in terms of gender, but just personality. Kelce is a man’s man. Aside from playing football and being damn good at it, Kelce is charismatic, good at golf, and can chug beer. His podcast with his brother Jason has become a viral hit recently, he hosted Saturday Night Live back in March, and just beat the Splash Brothers in The Match this past weekend — oh yeah, and he won the Super Bowl. Kelce is on top of the world and Bud Light is hoping he can bring them back there.

While I think Kelce was a great choice, I don’t see this commercial bringing back the $27 billion they lost. I believe despite this effort, hardcore anti-wokers will continue to boycott Bud Light until more of an effort is given.

I’m not sure what Bud Light can do to make up for their disastrous Mulvaney marketing. Yet, I do know it’s not this. Maybe there is nothing they can do, or possibly it will need to be a combination of things. One thing I’m sure of is that it probably won’t come anytime soon.

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Written by Alex Becker

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  1. Lazy dudes are their target audience? 😂🤣😭 It had a “blue collared, working man’s” image. I doubt your limp wristed ass has ever worked a day at a hard labor job. But your insecurities and mean girl nature are clearly evident in this little blurb that comes off like it was written by aiddle school girl who got stood up for the spring dance. 😂🤣😭

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