Burger King Manager Arrested For Serving Dirty Fries

Warning: beware of Burger King’s fries.

A BK assistant manager of a South Carolina location has been arrested for allegedly serving french fries that had previously been thrown into the trash.

On July 11, South Carolina police received a tip that Jaime Christine Major had been taking fries out of the trash, mixing them with fresh fries ready to be served, and then adding more fresh fries on top to cover the dirty ones.

After a thorough investigation, Major was arrested on July 17 on charges of malicious tampering with human food. Major eventually posted $20,000 bail on Thursday. She faces up to 20 years in prison for her crimes.

(Photo from Union Police Department)

Burger King corporate has already made a statement about the incident. “These allegations do not align to the brand’s commitment to quality food and service and creating an exceptional guest experience,” a spokesperson said. Major has since been fired following the allegations.

While I don’t think Major gets anything close to a 20 year sentence, I fully believe she’s guilty. However, that isn’t the real question here. Something still boggles my mind on this matter: why did she do it?

I have racked my brain for hours trying to figure out Major’s motive. To no avail, I am still left completely bewildered. I mean, in no scenario does she benefit from this. There is no financial, moral, or gratifying reward from serving dirty food. This woman was literally creating more work for herself just to put people’s health at risk without them knowing. I don’t get it. If you do a little cost-benefit analysis, it’s pretty clear this is an all-time idiotic move. I guess, what else would one expect from a Burger King employee? She probably couldn’t even get hired at McDonald’s.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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