Camera Operator Destroys Protester with a Camera

During a live broadcast of Sweden’s Dancing with the Stars finale, several protesters rushed the stage to make a statement about climate change. Their plan went awry very quickly, as the security guard and a quick-thinking cameraman were able to apprehend these smooth-brained morons. The heroic videographer never showed his face. The camera attached to a crane that allowed it to follow the full range of motion of the performance. Another feature the crane added, was the potential for the camera to be used as a weapon if someone unwelcome was onstage. 

Tom Cruise should be on the phone with whoever was operating this camera, because this is grade A action cinematography. They have received their fair share of credit for taking out the protester, but I think it’s more impressive that they maintained the shot afterwards. Someone having this much balance and poise after running over a defender hasn’t been seen since Marshawn Lynch retired. It’s an absolute shame that the paint forced them to cut to a different camera, because the operator was in the middle of doing something even more interesting than any protester or dancer on that stage. 

The efforts of these protesters were always going to look pointless. People hate having their entertainment interrupted. Notice how every ad for a pill that will double the size of your manhood comes before the video you shame watch, and not in the middle? That is a calculated move by the people in the Big Porno industry because they understand their customers. When you try to interrupt something that big, people are going to smack you with cameras before they listen to your message. I’m happy that this camera operator took justice into their own hands. Someone has to remind people that stupid games win stupid prizes. 

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Written by TFM

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