Cancel Culturists Next Target: Halloween Costumes. No, Really

Everything is racist, or sexist, or phobic, or creating climate change, or whatever cancel culture enthusiasts want to target as they seek to spread there miserable mood all around and make others equally miserable, too.

Their next target: Halloween costumes… because they are, of course, bad for the environment. No, seriously.

(Before that it was because they were culturally appropriating or offensive, so the attack isn’t new, it just shifted to the latest and greatest Lefty talking point)

These are the same people who refuse to clean up after themselves at every rally they hold, so spare me the lecture, you cretins.

Anyways, as we get ready to countdown to that glorious weekend of partying, be ready to hear all about it. And the talking points are already flowing.

The latest is a followup to the information that Americans will spend almost $3.3 BILLION on costumes this year. An insane number, but here is where they are going to go off the rail:

Many of the costumes sold by retailers like Spirit Halloween and Walmart are around 83% made of materials that is derived from plastic. And many will be thrown out on November 1.

Someone call the WAAAAAAAAAA-mbulance.

Expect plenty of stories with headlines like “The Scariest Thing About Halloween Is the Plastic Waste” … and plenty of people who take every day as an opportunity to dress like an idiot for attention will be on social channels reminding everyone that having fun is not fun.

Although… there may be a way to make this work in the favor of all of us: more revealing costumes.

Yup, I just struck gold. Embrace less-is-more … FOR THE ENVIRONMENT!

Seriously, this is a great compromise. More of this… look at little material is being used.
I’m in. Ladies, do your part… wear less this Halloween. I will do mine and just wear my regular clothes. Win-fvcking-win.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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