Cash Me Outside Girl Turned 18, Quickly Decided To Make An Only Fans, And Then Made $1 Million In 6 Hours

Life isn’t fair. If I was a somewhat attractive girl, there is a 100000% chance I would be rolling in the dough from an OnlyFans. The number of down bad dudes who are just looking to jerk it to a girl they think they know is unlimited. That’s what OnlyFans does. It makes people think they know the girl flashing her tits instead of just being a random chick getting double-teamed on the hub.

Bhad Bhabie, aka the girl who was ready to throw hands with Dr. Phil, who became the viral meme, made herself a shit ton of money in only 6 hours. This seems like it should be an April fools joke since it happened yesterday, but nope this is real life. If you’re going to make that much money just by making an OnlyFans, maybe wait until April 2nd.

After her internet fame on Dr. Phil, she went and became a rapper. I’m not even going to pretend to know any of her music, but I know that it gets views. She has figured out the perfect formula for making money from the internet. Become a viral meme, become a shitty rapper, and then make an OnlyFans.

At this rate, she’s going to be a billionaire in a couple of weeks. Most people will buy a pack of cigs or lottery tickets when they turn 18 not make a million fucking dollars. The money will keep rolling in as Bhad Bhabie was trending on Twitter this morning. The more freaks that find out that she just turned 18, they will be flocking to her OnlyFans with their wallets wide open. You know what good for her if you can make that money, and not have to work a real job good for you.

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