Charles Barkley Just Dunked On Kyrie Irving And I Love It

This week has been filled with drama in the NBA. The NBA is the girl at the party who tells a girlfriend that she fucked her boyfriend, who is also getting in fights with anybody and everybody, and is begging for attention. The beginning of the week was filled with Kyrie drama. Kyrie just decided to not show up to the Nets game. Then when Steve Nash was asked when is Kyrie going to come back, Nash had no idea and just said it was for personal reasons. Kyrie had gone MIA, and then there are videos that come out showing Kyrie at a club celebrating his dads, and sisters birthday.

The league was “investigating” the videos and decided to fine Kyrie $50K, and have him forfeit game checks for all of the games that he had missed. The $50K is pennies to a player like Kyrie. Of course there was reports that came out that Kevin Durant, and the entire Nets organization was disappointed in Kyrie. So what did the Nets do?

They traded for James Harden. Now forming a big 3 with James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant. Stephen A Smith went on tv, and told Kyrie that he should just retire. That he clearly didn’t enjoy his job anymore since he wasn’t showing up for it. Shit I don’t enjoy my job, but I show up everyday because it’s what I need to do. I wish I was like Kyrie, and could just miss work because I didn’t feel like going, and still be worth millions of dollars.

Then tonight Charles Barkley joined Stephen A Smith and told Kyrie that it was time to grow up.

Kyrie is acting like a 15 year old who hates his first job, and has decided that the best way to leave was to just ghost them. If I tried that technique with the Post Office my ass would be fired. Not for Kyrie instead he was rewarded with a top 5 player to play with.

Charles Barkley might have hot takes that are clearly wrong, but I couldn’t agree with him more on this one. When Charles played there was no super teams, players couldn’t just do whatever they wanted and get away with it, and he treated playing basketball like a job. At the end of the day it might be a game that slow overweight guys like myself enjoy playing on a Sunday afternoon, but for these player it’s their job. And in order to keep your job you have to show the fuck up.

Written by Mailman Dave

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