Charlie Puth Wrote a Song While Having Sex

Charlie Puth told Interview that he wrote the melody for his recent song, “Marks on my Neck,” in the middle of having sex. When I read the headline, I was worried the song was “One Call Away.” This would’ve been infinitely more messed up, and an entirely different story. I wanted to clear the air on that before I get into my expert level analysis unnecessary bashing of Puth. He said the melody popped into his head while he was getting freaky and he stopped to make a voice memo.

Puth claimed the reason that he felt the need to stop in the middle of the act was because he was, “Energetically picking up that it wouldn’t work with this person.” Goddammit Charlie. What the hell are you talking about, man? Let’s call a spade a spade. Everyone of your sexual exploits is probably like the threesome scene from American Psycho where he stares into a mirror the whole time. It seems like the person Charlie Puth wants to bang the most in this world is Charlie Puth. 

His response seems like a person who has never taken a psychedelic in their life but really wants to sound like they have taken a lot. I think Puth shared this story because he thought it was so quirky of him. In reality, makes him sound more attracted to his own music than a naked woman. Say whatever you want about your energy and the experience of it all, you sound like a weirdo.

Puth is a Kirkland brand Justin Bieber and he should be treated as such. I think people should call him playground insults whenever they see him in public. I think it would be really annoying to be called doo-doo head every time you leave your house. Maybe then he would shut up and just make a decent song.

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