Chem Student Releases Chemical Warfare on His Loud Neighbor

A PhD chemistry student was arrested after his neighbor caught him injecting opioids into his front door. The owners first discovered their baby was getting sick. Then there was an obnoxious smell in their apartment. After a while, Umar Abdullah set up a camera outside his front door. The footage revealed that his neighbor was using a syringe to release opioids in his front door. Not the best prank.

The craziest part of the story is the motive of the man who cooked drugs to release into his neighbor’s apartment. Someone with that profile is obviously a little off, as this is widely concerned to be not chill. But Xuming Li did this to the family that lived one floor above them because their toilet seat was too loud.

I can’t say that I’m mad at this guy for retaliating. The story made it sound like the upstairs neighbor was pretty complacent about the noise of his toilet seats. It was reported that the movement of the toilet seat in the middle of the night was routinely waking him up. If that happens more than once, the owner should have a burden to fix their toilet or body. 

The issue I have with this minor league Walter White is that he brought children into the mix. Clearly, he had every right to get back at his noisy neighbor, but his execution was flawed. Anything that messes with the parents, and not the kid is fair game in my book. One good source of ideas for this HBO’s Barry. He has lots of ideas, but my favorite is to switch their furniture with slightly larger replicas so they think they are shrinking.

I’ve had my fair share of bad neighbors. I understand the need to make someone’s life worse in retaliation some times. You just have to find a better way to ruin someone’s life than using chemical warfare on a child.

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