Chicago Man Makes Bank Off O Block Tours

I always tell people that I’m from Chicago – but what I really mean is the Chicago suburbs. I’ve never been randomly stabbed or jumped while walking through my neighborhood, so when people ask if I’ve been to O Block, I just laugh. If you’re unfamiliar with O Block, it’s considered to be the most dangerous place in Chicago but has been widely popularized through famous rappers like King Von. In spite of your curiosity, O Block is definitely not a tourist destination. That is, unless you have a tour guide apparently.

Tell me you’re a finance intern without telling me you’re a finance intern. I can’t even imagine how these two dudes somehow found an O Block tour guide – but you can tell that they must play King Von all the time back at their campus frat house. If you have $400 to spare, I feel like spending it on an extremely dangerous tour of “Chiraq” is the last thing you should probably do. I will admit though – that mural is pretty sick. 

What a great opportunity for business this “tour guide” has. I think the only thing preventing tourists from visiting O Block consistently is the fact that Chicago natives always tell them that they’ll get shot if they do. I’m not sure what kind of actual protection this guy offers, but if these daddy’s-money-looking white dudes didn’t get shot, I think a vast majority of people will probably be okay. 

Shameless plug – if anyone is interested in getting a tour of the northwest Chicago suburbs then I’m your guy. Sure, it’s not as thrilling as O Block or the Mag Mile, but we have a couple of Lou Malnati’s locations that are fan favorites. If you’re looking for that real Chicago experience, I can have one of my boys shoot at us with an airsoft gun while we sit in the Portillo’s drive-thru.

Written by the godfather

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