Chipotle Worker Goes Viral On Yelp For Seducing Husbands

This Chipotle in Florida is giving away more than just a free side of chips.

A Fort Myers, FL Chipotle location has made national news headlines this past week and it has nothing to do with the food, yet everything to do with the customer service. According to multiple users on Yelp, an employee of the fast-casual franchise named Lucy has allegedly been seducing male customers.

As seen in a series of reviews, multiple women have come forth claiming the infamous Lucy to have been luring their husbands into bed with her. Calling her a “pig,” many of the women have said she targets married men specifically. Must be some kind of kink or something.

Though mostly wives of cheating men have used the review app as a means to cast light on Lucy, some of the men themselves have also taken to Yelp to express their feelings toward their seductor. Let’s just say the stark contrast in their respective reviews are downright hysterical.

The Women’s Reviews

The Men’s Reviews

The women’s attempts to warn other wives in the Fort Myers area have fared well, as social media has spread this story to the masses. The Yelp reviews as well as the specific Chipotle location have gone viral, including people making hilarious memes and comments on the bizarre situation.

Since the posts gained popularity online, many more people have taken to Yelp to get in on the fun. Now, if you scroll through the reviews on the location’s Yelp page, there are dozens of reviews all about Lucy. In fact, there has been so much traction on the Chipotle’s account, Yelp has begun issuing a warning to those who stop by the site.

Honestly, I’m not sure if this is even real or not. Part of me thinks it needs to be fake. Between how crazy the story is, the difficulty of actually seducing someone while simultaneously making burritos, and the amount of puns in the reviews, it feels hard to believe this is all true. Then again, we’re talking about Florida so anything is possible. 

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Written by Alex Becker

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