Chris Paul’s Daughter Bullied Over His Abysmal Playoff History

In an interview on The Pivot podcast this week, Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul went into depth on how his lack of a championship has affected his personal life. For years, CP3 has been clowned on social media for being “allergic” to winning a ring, but who would’ve thought that his daughter would start to experience trolling because he was championship-less? If I was in the same class as Chris Paul’s daughter, I’d be more likely to ask her if she could get an autograph for me than make fun of her dad to her face. Kids these days are ruthless.

Although it sucks that CP3’s kids will probably be bullied over stuff like this for as long as they are in school, there are definitely a lot worse things to get chirped about. I would much rather be bullied about my dad having no championships in his extremely well-decorated career than be bullied about my mom having an Only Fans. All jokes aside, Chris Paul is one of the greatest point guards to ever play the game and will undoubtedly be a hall-of-famer once he calls it quits. Maybe Camryn Paul will grow up to be the next great WNBA star and silence all the haters for good (until her children start getting chirped for their grandfather never winning a championship).

Written by the godfather

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