Cinema Cures: I Love You Man

Welcome to Cinema Cures, where I will be ranking movies. We are not looking for how many awards the movie won, what critics think of it; we care about one thing, and thing only; is the movie a good movie to watch while hungover? When you’re hungover as fuck you don’t want to do anything. All you want to do is melt into the couch and veg out on movies and tv shows. I’ll be ranking the movies from the bottom shelf, mid-shelf, and top-shelf. There are four factors for grading a movie for hangovers. 1st criteria are there any loud parts of the movie? You already have a splitting headache. You don’t need a movie to make your head explode. 2nd criteria are there any crazy lighting that makes you feel like you’re in a vortex? You don’t need a light show to make your head swim and your stomach flip. 3rd criteria are there any gross parts? You already are trying to hold down the beer and liquor you drank last night; you don’t need to watch guts or vomit reminding you of the explosive vomit you had last night while you were blackout. You don’t want to throw up those 3 cheeseburgers you ate at 4 in the morning. 4th criteria is the movie easy to follow? You don’t know how you got home last night; you don’t need to get lost in a movie.

Today’s movie is 2009 I Love You Man starring Paul Rudd you know him from Ant-Man, Jason Segal he was in How I Met Your Mother and Rashida Jones she was in Parks and Rec.

My initial thoughts is that I Love You Man is a funny comedy. It’s a romance, but instead of a man falling in love with a woman and they live happily ever after. It’s a man finding his best friend, and the movie follows all the same tropes that a traditional romance does. The simple version of the plot is Peter proposes to his girlfriend, he overhears her and her friends talking how Peter doesn’t have any friends, and that the wedding party is going to be very off balanced. He goes on a quest to find friends. I’m not here to break down the filmmaking or the storyline we care about one thing is this movie a good hangover movie?

For rule number 1, are there any loud parts? It’s a comedy, and not an action movie, or a crazy sci-fi movie. There are not many loud parts, but there are some parts where you might want to turn down the volume. I didn’t know that fencing could be loud; I always figured it was for geeks who thought they were back in the 1500s. Those people who thought they would be amazing in olden times and take fencing because they think they’re Jedi’s. The noise of swords clanking together can be annoying. When Peter and Sydney first jam, it’s loud, and even though they both look like they have no idea how to play bass or guitar, they are actually good. This brings me to the Rush concert they attend, it’s a concert so of course, it’s loud, but it’s Rush. So even if it’s loud, who cares? Rush is amazing.

For rule number 2, is there any crazy lighting? There’s actually no weird lighting, but the intro does have some weird camera angles. The camera is spinning when it shows California, and if you’re already struggling with the spins, this may be troublesome. Other than that, the movie is great if you struggle with lights while hungover.

For rule number 3, are there any gross parts? It’s a romantic comedy, so no guts or blood is spewing from people, but there is one gross part. When Pete is doing the boat race and has projectile vomit all over Barry. Projectile vomit is funny, but if it reminds you of the projectile vomit you had last night, you probably won’t find it funny. Also, Peter has the alcohol tolerance of a freshman; chugging 2 beers shouldn’t have you projectile vomit. On the opposite side of gross the fish tacos that Peter and Sydney get on their first man date look delicious. And Binging with Babish recreated the fish tacos, and if you’re feeling brave and want to cook, these fish tacos look amazing. I don’t know how fish tacos and the taste of old alcohol would be together?

For rule number 4, is the movie easy to follow? The short answer is yes. It’s a simple bromance, and if you’ve ever been forced to watch a romantic comedy for a girl you’re simping over, it’s like all romantic comedies. A person struggles to find somebody, a person finds somebody, and they hit it off, something happens, and they fall out, and they end up together.

In conclusion, the official Cinema Cures ranking for I Love You Man is a top-shelf hangover movie. It’s a simple comedy that will make you laugh. It’s not hard to follow and the perfect movie to turn your brain off.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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