Colin Cowherd Thinks Dwayne Haskins Is Still Alive

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I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times: Colin Cowherd is a despicable human being.

Today on the latest episode of The Herd with Colin Cowherd, America’s least favorite sports analyst deemed deceased former quarterback Dwayne Haskins as a “quarterback that can’t win a Super Bowl.” Thanks Captain Obvious, the guy is dead.

During a segment where Cowherd ranked quarterbacks in tiers, a graphic displayed 20 QBs which Colin believes will never get a ring. The list all around is complete and utter trash. Surely, the mention of the late Haskins remains the biggest problem. However, there were other players on the list as well who have been out of the league for ages.

I mean, EJ Manuel retired in 2019, Johnny Manziel last played in 2015 and has a documentary about his failed football career on Netflix already, and Paxton Lynch in the XFL. Any one with a single brain cell could’ve told you they won’t win a Super Bowl.

The problem here is a clear lack of effort and respect. There is no possible way Cowherd doesn’t know that Haskins is dead or that Johnny Football is more like Johnny Cokehead nowadays. So many crewmembers could have stopped this graphic from being shown and yet it somehow still aired on national television.

Colin, you get paid millions of dollars every year to talk about sports. To say you have a dream job would be a vast understatement. You can afford to take 30 seconds of your day to look over a list that a dimwit intern crafted together seemingly in minutes. While you have a massive platform, you constantly choose to spread the most useless, outdated information possible. However, this is maybe your worst take of all time. That says a lot considering all of the horse crap things you’ve said in your career. Here are just a few all time examples.

I genuinely don’t understand how this man has multiple shows on the air. Not only is he consistently wrong, but he’s a straight up fool. Colin Cowherd is a stubborn, lazy, and idiotic analyst. Him and his entire staff should be fired.

Instead however, it seems ESPN is actually looking into signing him on staff. Good luck with that ESPN. Have fun with all of the hate you get for replacing Mark Jackson, Jalen Rose, and Jeff Van Gundy for the world’s most confident idiot. I’m sure that will work out just swell for you.

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