College Football Preview: SEC (Part 1)

Ah yes, the SEC, one of the best college football conferences this country has to offer. With the season starting in a few weeks, here are some of my predictions for each team this season.


There is no doubt in my mind that this team will end up playing for the chip this season. Just by looking at their strength of schedule I cant really seem to find a loss except for maybe Texas A&M or Auburn and thats only if they could pull something out of their ass, but its highly unlikely. Alabama also returns star players such as Bryce Young, Will Anderson, Jordan Battle and Jahmyr Gibbs led under the god father of all college football, Nick Saban. Expect nothing less than 12 or 11 wins.

Ole Miss

I got to hand it to Ole Miss. 10 wins last season is pretty impressive all things considered but I have worries. One of the things that worries me the most would be their qb situation. Matt Corral leaving for the NFL is definitely going to sting but it seems they have a solid qb room that includes Jaxon Dart and Luke Altmyer. I think this team is capable of being pretty good so long as they figure out who is going to be under center and if Lane Kiffin doesn’t bring up popcorn. Expect somewhere between 7 to 9 wins.


Jesus Christ this team is bad. Stick to baseball. Expect 3 wins at the very fucking most. Godspeed.


It’s a new era for the Tigers these year after adding former Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly to the ranks. With this new addition, we expect LSU to hopefully get back to the place it used to be after a rocky season where they went 6-7. I understand that the loss of talent from the previous year had to do with a shitty season but maybe a new coach and some new talent could prove rather beneficial this year . I think there is potential for 8 wins this season.


Georgia, you proved to us all last season that Alabama football is in fact mortal after all. Ya’ll were fucking great last season with a defensive unit that could probably stop some NFL offenses if Im being honest. Although some key guys on defense went pro during the offseason, I think this team will have no problem getting back to the playoffs. I think 11 wins is fair.


Last year was not a bad year to say the least for the Razorbacks after notching 9 wins. In my opinion, this team has some pretty high expectations after only finishing behind Bama and Texas A&M in the SEC West. If Arkansas wants to exceed these expectations they need to focus on keeping momentum high on the offensive side of the ball. Last year they led the SEC in rushing and averaged 30 ppg. Not bad for an SEC team. Losing Treylon Burks in the receiver room is a bummer but I think the transfers they brought in will make up for it. I think this team will go far as the offense takes them. Expect 7-9 wins, maybe even 10?

*Part 2 Coming Tomorrow*

Written by rigatoni


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