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Confession: I Was A TFM Fangirl, Now They’re Giving Me A Podcast

The first episode of my new podcast with Alyssa Schoener, So I Was Like, dropped this morning. (Click here to listen on Spotify, or click here for Apple Music!! Also all linked below!! Go listen!!!) But I realized I never gave you guys any background on how insane the fact that I now have a podcast with Total Frat Move really is.

My senior year of high school, I was sitting in my English class hiding my phone under my desk when I stumbled across an article on how to sneak out of your sorority house to black out during rush week. What was a sorority house? What was a sorority? I had no idea. I barely knew what blacking out was. All I remember is the fact that I had never seen a published article use the words ”dick pic” so confidently. 

I was so excited to have found a website with articles giving girls real advice, detailing what it was like to be in college [drunk-wise], and discussing the pros and the cons of being in a sorority, all while being called Total Sorority Move. I was obsessed. TSM and TFM are the sites that introduced me to Greek life, causing me to rush a sorority in the fall of my freshman year. 

And it only took me three years to drop! Turns out TSM made sorority life seem a little cooler than it actually was. Anyways, flash forward to four years later, I had just graduated from college, it was looking like I was about to join the corporate world, and my only escape was making TikToks. Then I received a DM from TFM offering me a job. 

To say life comes full circle is an understatement. I don’t even think my coworkers know that I’ve been following TFM and TSM since I was in high school and that they’re what introduced me to Greek life in the first place. Now they’re giving me a podcast with my best friend! The podcast is being made possible by Sunday Scaries, my favorite little gummy bears that help you relax / sleep (they gave us a code for you guys, use “Stayloyal” for a 25% sitewide discount and to change your life). 

The first episode is here! We dive into how we met, “you’re my boyfriend but you’re not my boyfriend”, and the loyalty test. Thank you Sunday Scaries, everyone at TFM, and Alyssa – I can’t wait to start my life with you!!!!

Click here for Apple Music!!

Written by Becca Moore

Becca Moore graduated from Ohio University in May but will probably be stuck in college for the rest of her life. She has the bad habit of using Tik Tok to publicly rate every guy she’s ever met and loves helping girls expose their shady boyfriends. Her favorite hobby is trying to bring up Greek life in any and every conversation she can.

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