Conspiracy: Adam22 and Lena the Plug Never Got Married…

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As I was discussing Adam22’s “situation” with my good friend Becks, it occurred to me that something about this whole ordeal just isn’t right. Of course, the whole idea of letting someone else get intimate with your wife on camera wouldn’t be considered “right” by a good majority of our world’s population, but I just don’t think it’s that. 

Being married is an entirely different commitment than just being someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend. Some sleazy dude might be willing to share his girlfriend with another man in exchange for money or clout – but sharing your wife? I don’t get it. I know people do it, but Adam and Lena aren’t just random people, they’re celebrities

For years, Adam and his No Jumper podcast have been plastered all over the internet as a result of unbelievably insane clips of girls or celebrities talking about things that should never be said on a podcast. It’s clear that Adam is a master of clickbait – which I respect immensely. Although I have no respect for his “wife policies”, I do understand that he has a great business mind and really knows how to engage the internet. Which is why I don’t think Adam and Lena ever got married in the first place. 

Before you completely disregard this theory, I’m fully aware of all the wedding videos that were posted on YouTube and TikTok. Still, I’m not convinced. If Adam was willing to buy his wife a Lamborghini Urus to promote her film with Jason Luv, is it really that outlandish to say they would both blow some cash on a fake wedding? Obviously, their child is real. There’s no denying that. However, I think that the relationship between Adam and Lena leans much more toward “business partners” than “husband and wife”. 

Individually, Adam and Lena both have massive internet platforms with their respective podcasts and social media. But together, these two have reach beyond belief. So, wouldn’t it make sense for them to co-parent their child while milking the publicity that their “marriage” has earned them? I never like to judge a book by its cover, but Adam straight-up looks like the stereotypical pimp. Pimping out random girls isn’t a headline in today’s world – but pimping out your wife? Now that will get you somewhere. 

Maybe Adam and Lena are just wired differently and making love to other people doesn’t bother them. But, I refuse to believe that’s sustainable for anybody – especially not a “couple” that has their daily lives broadcast to the entire world. Think what you want – but as long as Adam keeps allowing people to talk like this about his wife, they’ll always be no more than business partners in my mind.

Written by the godfather

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