Cooper Rush is Inevitable

How ‘bout them Cowboys!? The MVP should be given out right now. Cooper Rush is the NFL’s daddy. The Cowboys are better than the Eagles no question. The rest of the NFL should give up now before it’s too late. How soon can we make Super Bowl rings? Tomorrow? I mean this season is wrapped up.

Let’s start with the Sigma Alpha male which is Cooper Rush. He is doing completely unprecedented work as a starting Quarterback. Undefeated as a starter. Can Tom Brady say that? The supposed “GOAT”. Hell no he can’t. Cooper Rush is doing absolute magic against the powerhouses of the NFL right now. Beating teams like the New York Giants and the 1-2 Cincinnati Bengals? He is an absolute machine. He looks at his opponent’s starting defense and laughs. He is inevitable.

You know what? They don’t even need Dak to come back, this team is absolutely unbeatable. We all laughed when Jerry Jones said that there would be a legitimate Quarterback competition in Dallas. Now Jerry is the one laughing at us on his Yacht somewhere in the Caribbean. The Eagles should be quivering in their cleats right now. Their defense sacked Carson Wentz nine times? Cooper Rush scoffs at that. Jalen Hurts is the second favorite for MVP? Yea, second favorite behind Cooper Rush. There is nothing anyone can do to stop this team. The Commies are just going to have to roll over and die next weekend. Good luck to them and good luck to the rest of the NFL

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Written by Warren Loukota

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