Corey Davis Retires From the NFL

Corey Davis has just announced his retirement from the NFL. Davis has left Jets with a year left on his three year thirty-seven-million-dollar contract. Davis said on Instagram that he had been considering retirement since the offseason, and feels the decision was best for him personally. This is a tough loss for the Jets, who just lost a starting wide receiver. 

I have sympathy for Davis’ decision to stop playing football. First of all, he has made over twenty-million-dollars in the past two years. He doesn’t need another dime from the NFL. He claimed he retired so he could spend more time with his family. I’m not sure if this is true, though. I quit my football team in the middle of training camp in high school. I think it’s more likely he stopped playing football so he had more down time to smoke weed. 

Davis is the second veteran to unexpectedly retire in the middle of training camp. A week after Myles Jack decided the Eagles couldn’t fire him because he quit, Davis followed him out of the league. Although both of these two had the decency to finish their respective games before quitting, unlike Vontae Davis. 

Davis retiring should make for a decent Hard Knocks storyline. At the very least, this opens up a spot for a young receiver in New York. Maybe the white guy who cemented himself into HBO greatness with his spot-on Eminem impression will make the team as a result of this.

Congratulations to Davis on having a huge bank account from a largely underwhelming career. The former number five overall pick officially leaves the league without ever becoming anything more than an average receiver.

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