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Covid-22 Is Trending And I Simply Can Not Deal With It Anymore

We have yet to put Covid-19 in the rearview and we are already being warned about Covid-22…

What… what fresh hell is this?

Yes, Covid-22 is trending on social media and apparently it is a real thing that we are already being conditioned for. It probably has nothing to do with midterm elections in 2022, so don’t think about that, certainly the media would not want to interfere with those results by setting up another reason to lock people down.

Politics aside, how can we already be looking for Covid-22 without a Covid-20, or Covid-21? Apparently all of the variants we are dealing with are from the same familiar strain and so there is no need to change names… but ‘experts’ are already laying out that a new strain could be in the works.

Ripped directly from Forbes: It seems like this “Covid-22” term emerged from what Sai Reddy, PhD, an Associate Professor of Systems and Synthetic Immunology at ETH Zurich in Switzerland, may have said. According to Vanessa Chalmers writing for The Sun, Reddy warned that a new variant could emerge in 2022 that could pose a “big risk.” The emphasis here is on the words “could” and “could” because we are not in 2022 yet, not unless Reddy has a time machine.

Reportedly, he referred to this possibility as “Covid-22” by saying: “Covid-22 could get worse than what we are witnessing now.” Apparently, he used the term “Covid-21” when referring to the Delta variant when speaking to the a German publication called Blick.

I got my shot. I did my part.

I have no interest in more mandates. Or boosters. Or the government telling me what to do and where to go.

I am certainly not interested in a never-ending Covid-naming, that keeps everything in this perpetual lockdown.

So… before it even gets here, fvck you, Covid-22.

Photo by Usman Yousaf on Unsplash

Written by Malcolm Henry

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