Cracker Barrel Pissed Off Their Customers Over Pride Month

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Well it turns out that Cracker Barrel doesn’t hate gay people and customers are pissed about it.

It appears the southern food chain may be next on the list of the Bud Light Boycott that includes any company far-right conservatives deem “woke.” This new turn of events comes in the wake of Pride Month when Cracker Barrel decided to post a pro-LGBTQ+ message to their Facebook. 

Apparently saying “everyone is always welcome” means you hate Jesus and America in today’s age as many CB faithful are condemning their once beloved eatery. While Cracker Barrel’s comments were filled with many pleased and surprised patrons who were happy to see the chain be so inclusive, they also received a lot of backlash from old white southerners.

Of the several hate comments, the most notable came from The Texas Family Project — an organization that promotes the “traditional family lifestyle.”

The Texas Family Project wasn’t the only one to be upset by the message with countless others chiming in on the situation. The phrase “go woke, go broke” seemed to be the warcry of all the upset conservatives who now hope the chain goes out of business.

What’s pretty crazy about this situation is that Cracker Barrel has actually been celebrating Pride Month every year since 2018 and this is the first time people are getting mad. I think the Bud Light boycott worked so well that people just thought they could do it again to anyone who disagrees with their values. While we’ll have to wait and see what happens to Cracker Barrel, it does look like they are getting a bunch of new customers from the post as well.

(All photos taken from @crackerbarrel on Facebook)

Honestly, I think supporting or actively boycotting a restaurant due to their celebration of Pride Month is pretty crazy. I eat somewhere because the food is good, that’s it. Food shouldn’t be about politics. It should be about trans fats, carbs, and a whole bunch of butter. For example, I eat Chick-Fil-A about three times a month and that has absolutely nothing to do with their agenda and everything to do with their sauce. You best believe that I’ll be going back to CB. They have a great country fried steak and that is all that matters. 

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