Crazy Woman Married AI Husband, Now Pregnant With “Their Child”

Welp, I officially hate the world we live in.

A woman has just married the man of her dreams and is pregnant with their baby. The only problem is that man simply doesn’t exist.

Rossana Ramos, a 36-year-old Bronx mother of two, is happily married to Eren Kartal — an AI husband she herself created using chat box software Replika. The AI software is intentionally made for lonely people to communicate with others. It’s sorta like a stepped-up version of imaginary friends… but for adults. Ramos has taken the AI a little further than normal and actually married her AI lover. Oh, actually she took it like a million steps further because it turns out she is now pregnant with “their baby.”

So, who is Eren Kartal? Well, for starters he is based on Ramos’ favorite show Attack on Titan, an anime show which to me seems extremely fitting. Ramos says Kartal’s favorite color is apricot (that’s a food, buddy), he likes indie music, writes as a hobby, and works as medical professional (I guess that’s an allusion to either all AI helping with medical research or just this singular AI attempting to help this woman’s clear mental problems).

Rossana says that Eren is the best man she has ever been with and calls him “special.” Actually, Rossana, I think you’re the one who is a little bit “special.”

She applauded his lack of ego or baggage and even went as far to say that he is an amazing lover. The ego thing makes sense considering he is fake, but someone is going to need to explain to me the physical part of this relationship.

Ramos has even come out and notified her entire Facebook page that she is now pregnant with Eren’s child. I’m just gonna come right out and say it. No, no you are not. I’m not sure if she went into a sperm bank and bought a cup of jizz or just paid some random dude to have sex with her, but I am 100% sure that this Eren thing is not father.

Speaking of fathers, Ramos has two kids. How? Who would ever sleep with this woman. I wouldn’t even be able to have a single conversation with her let alone try to raise a family with her. What do her kids think of this whole “AI step-dad” arrangement? It’s gotta be hard on them knowing their mom is batshit crazy and now going viral for it. If I were them, I’d personally put myself up for adoption.

Anway, I feel like I asked more questions in this blog than I did relay an actual story, so sorry about that. That said, if anyone can answer some of my questions please let me know because this has ruined my day.

Oh, actually to help ruin your day here is a photo of the “happy couple” as well as one of the infamous Eren.

(Taken from Rossana Ramos’ Facebook)
(Taken from Rossana Ramos’ Facebook)
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Written by Alex Becker

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