DaBaby Gets Scammed By Kids

A recent video is circulating on Twitter that shows two kids asking DaBaby to buy some candy.

This reminds me of all of those old youtube prank videos where rich YouTubers would go up to homeless people with a camera and film them giving some money to fuel their own ego. I know DaBaby didn’t specifically choose to film this but it just gives off a similar vibe. This is unrelated, but remember when Ricegum was a douche and made it rain on top of some homeless guy for “clout”?

Back to DaBaby. There are two sides to this video. Some say the kids don’t deserve the $200 as they were trying to “finesse” DaBaby while others say “fuck you just give them some money”. I agree with the first one. Fuck those kids. How dare they try to scam Dababy. DaBaby can’t afford a $200 dollar box of candy and he made that very clear in the video. These kids were harassing him. Most of the hundred-dollar bills he owns are wrapped in a rubber band that I’m sure is difficult to remove bills from. It would be too much of a hassle for him to try and meticulously remove $200 from that large stack of money just for some kids who were trying to trick him. They don’t deserve that money. Also, DaBaby is driving around in a van and we all know vans are for poor people. At least they have candy.

I really think Dababy overestimated how much of an impact or “lesson” he left these kids with because they are probably doing this every single day and have had at least 10 other interactions similar to this. Of course, they are going to upsell the fucking candy. It really wouldn’t have been hard to just give them some more money while teaching some math. 

The most surprising thing about this video is that Dababy has singles on him. How can a man worth 3 million dollars and owns a private jet still carry 1 dollar bills on him? I would’ve thought rappers or people in general worth that much would be severely lacking in the single bills department. People like Dababy should have a specific person in their crew whose sole job is to carry 100 dollars in singles for those times where Dababy wants to go to the strip club or wants a pop-tart.

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