Dallas Doesn’t Like Iman’s Weed

Iman, what are you doing? Just be a normal retired basketball player and join ESPN, or some other mass media company and comment on the sport you played. Or better yet, make a podcast. Apparently, that’s the new wave. 

I will say before I go too hard on Iman Shumpert the fact that he is potentially facing two years’ worth of jail time for having weed on him, per TMZ, when the drug is legal to use in 39 of the 50 states is pretty ridiculous, I won’t lie. Not to mention that even the NBA doesn’t really care if you smoke or not, since they suspended their random marijuana testing during the COVID year. So the fact that this is the person that Texas officials are arresting at the airport makes me realize just how much work officials in Texas must be doing. 

Anyways, I know that Iman Shumpert is no stranger to being arrested, and he also isn’t a stranger to being arrested for drug use, but this is ridiculous. Apparently, Iman claimed to be headed back to Los Angeles to visit his daughter, again per TMZ, but why are you headed to see her with a “sizeable amount” of weed? Were you headed back to light one up with your six-year-old? I mean I know it’s tough to figure out which states allow weed, but it sounds worth it if the alternative is a couple of years in jail. But maybe that’s just me.

Hopefully, for Iman and honestly the whole world’s sake this all blows over because not a day goes by when his description of his game against Kobe doesn’t make me smile.

And honestly, why shouldn’t it? If Luka can smoke Hookah, then why can’t Iman light up?

*Information to write this article has been obtained from TMZ*

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Written by Warren Loukota

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