Danny Tanner: CANCELLED!

I’m not a big fan of cancel culture. I want to start by saying that. Do I agree that there are people that simply suck as human beings and deserve to be exposed for being just shit bag people? Absolutely. But do I think that every comedian who’s made a joke that toed the line should have every girl with access to a Twitter account screaming for them to be castrated? No, not even a little bit. I’ll go to bat for Bill Burr any day of the week because the dude’s fucking funny. I can’t quite say that I’d go to bat for Bob Saget, though, because with what’s come out, he’s looking a lot more like the character he played on an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit than the fun-loving Danny Tanner we all grew up with from Full House.

I watched the video that has brought all of the attention to Bob Saget’s alleged inappropriate behavior with young girls, specifically the Olsen twins, and it wasn’t easy to get through. One reason for that is the fact that the dude doing the commentary for the video is absolutely unbearable. It’s twenty-four minutes long and I’d say it would be generous to estimate that the amount of time that we actually see videos and shit actually pertaining to Bob Saget doing stuff that was suspect or people making jokes about him doing that stuff was about four minutes. The other twenty is just the guy telling us how disgusted he was over and over, and while I totally agree that some of the stuff that was shown in the video wasn’t funny at all, listening to that guy talk about it for minutes at a time was harder than Bob Saget around the Olsen twins really difficult.

Anyway, Bob Saget a scumbag. None of what I saw or have read about has definitively shown that Bob Saget had illegal contact with any underage girls, but the jokes made about it in his roast and some of the stuff he himself has said certainly makes it seem that way. There was almost nothing said that related to anything except how he really digs females under the age of 18. Even he admitted that some of the stuff he’s done over the years wasn’t appropriate, and honestly, if he does get cancelled, I feel like it’s not really that much of a hit. Full House was a decent show, but c’mon, I don’t think Bob Saget’s really that much of a loss to comedy. Everything I’ve seen of him making jokes has pretty much failed to make me laugh – not because it crossed some kind of line that I have for comedy, but because I just don’t really think he’s all that funny. I honestly think the funniest thing he’s ever been in is America’s Funniest Home Videos, and let’s face it, all he had to do there was play the videos. So, I guess now we have to stop watching Full House or something. Who cares? March Madness is on, and I have to focus on drinking beer and watching basketball. So, if you want to watch the whole video, I’m linking it to this blog. I’d recommend skipping most of the commentary, though, and just find the clips of Bob Saget being a douche.

UPDATE: The video I was referring to has now been taken down from YouTube… don’t really know why.

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