David Dobrik and Sexual Assault

David Dobrik’s content orgy might have to come to an end after this. 

An old member of David’s “team” of content creators has spoken out about some sexual misconduct that he encountered years ago. Joseth “Seth” Francois participated in a prank video where he was blindfolded and told that he was going to be kissing a female member of the team but then was met with the supple manly lips of Jason Nash. Jason is the one guy from Vine that then decided to hangout out with kids WAY too young for his age… and apparently kiss them. Francois wasn’t told that he was going to kiss Jason and freaked out once he found out. This along with some other racist videos he was forced to be a part of was the reason why he left David’s School For Non-gifted Vloggers.

I personally would’ve done the same because, while I have kissed a man before, it was consensual and… not for a youtube channel with 18 million subscribers. The fucked up part about this was that Francois wasn’t told what was happening. If he knew he was going to be faked out and was cool with it, then I would think it’s okay, but not telling him that he is going to be forced to kiss someone he doesn’t want to has to be sexual assault. David has taken the video down and hasn’t had a response as of me writing this, but here is a reaction video because that’s all I could find.

I’ll end with this: If I was getting paid to be a part of David’s blogs and this happened to me, I would also quit no matter how much I was getting paid… BUT if I was hired, paid a lot, and told that occasionally I’d have to kiss a dude for a video… sign me up.

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