David Stern Is Rolling In His Grave After Seeing Harden Not Care About Covid Protocols

BERLIN, GERMANY - OCTOBER 06: NBA commissioner David Stern is seen during the press conference before the NBA Europe Live 2012 Tour match between Alba Berlin and Dallas Mavericks at O2 World on October 6, 2012 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Joern Pollex/Bongarts/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** David Stern

The NBA is back, and the most dramatic league is living up to its title. The NBA is that girl at the party who gets way to drunk and wants to fight everybody, tells girls that she has fucked their boyfriends, and then ends the night crying and yelling “why does this always happen to me?” We are only on day 2 and we already have a game postponed. Last night the Rockets and Thunder game was postponed because of Covid. It’s a global pandemic, businesses are being forced to close, people haven’t seen family members in months, and the world is just a shit show. The NBA is trying to keep games being played, but there’s one man who doesn’t give a fuck about that, and that man is James Harden.

A couple of nights ago after Harden was told to stop going out, and just stay inside so the Rockets could play he was seen at a party at his “friends new business”. The business sure looked like a strip club, but Harden had this to say on his Instagram story.

The man says it wasn’t a strip club, but the video that came from the party sure looks like a strip club. I see girls stripping, cash flying, and stripper poles…

It seems as if Adam Silver has no backbone and is going to keep allowing this kind of behavior to go on without any repercussions. Even though actions like this are putting the league in jeopardy. Adam Silver had this to say today about James Harden. “The precedent is that discipline gets ratcheted up. It’s Christmas. It was a first offense.” Silver said “in a way he got lucky.”  David Stern is currently rolling in his grave after that soft ass response. What’s next Harden will do this again in February and will Silver say well it’s near Valentines day we can’t punish him.

If David Stern was still alive, and was the commissioner there is no way that he would allow for this to happen with Harden. This is the man that is rumored to suspend Jordan for an entire year because of his gambling, and who implanted a dress code after he saw what Iverson was wearing. This man wasn’t afraid to suspend players even if a toe stepped onto the court when a fight was happening. The Phoenix Suns probably would’ve won a championship if it wasn’t for Stern suspending  Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw for leaving the bench when Steve Nash was hip checked into the scorers table.

Instead Of Adam Silver suspending Harden he fined him for $50k which is peasant money for him. If Harden plays 36 minutes a game that would only take him 6 minutes to pay that fine. Credit to for those stats. If Adam Silver fined me that same percentage with my mailman salary it would only be $2.37. That’s half a tin of Grizzly, that’s nothing I spend that everyday on nicotine.

I can’t tell if Harden doesn’t give a flying fuck about the NBA or if this is part of a masterplan to get him out of Houston. Regardless it’s clear that he will do whatever he wants, and Adam Silver won’t punish him.

Written by Mailman Dave

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