Dear Women,

My question this week is one that may be a bit more… personal, but it’s a question all of us guys have pretty much all the time. Please, enlighten us: why in the world do you give blowjobs?

You won’t hear me say that women should stop giving blowjobs. That’s a phrase that won’t leave my mouth ever… even if there’s a fire. But I am genuinely interested in why a woman would ever even think about putting a penis anywhere near her mouth. I’ve talked to plenty of girls who will say that they just do it because it’s what you do, and I guess I can kind of understand that. Still, though, I feel like if I were in your shoes, I’d rather take it up the butt than have a dick anywhere near my face, let alone in my mouth. That’s because dicks are gross. Fact.

And even though I can kind of understand where the girls that say, “I just do it because it’s a nice thing to do,” (and may I just say, men everywhere thank you for that sacrifice), the real targets of my question are the girls that say they enjoy doing it – I’ve talked to a few of those types too. I mean, just why? Seriously. I do not understand. That’s something that spends all day sweating it out with a pair of balls and can get pinched between the legs putting it right there with the asshole – that never happens to me, but I’ve heard larger endowed men talk about it before. You want to put that in your mouth? Heroic? Sure. But I just don’t get it. A guy will love it because it feels great, but I seriously don’t know what you guys get out of it.

I guess I’ll wrap it up by saying this: 

To the girls who don’t like blowjobs but give them anyway, you guys are alright in my book. To the girls that genuinely do like taking a slobber on the ol’ meat popsicle, you scare me. To the girls who don’t give blowjobs at all, I understand you, but man, do I wish you didn’t exist.



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  1. It goes both ways. Why would a guy want to eat out a vagina that discharges blood and mucus, has piss running over it multiple times a day, and gets equally as sweaty? It’s not about liking your actual dick – far from it. Your pleasure spot just happens to be your dick. There’s satisfaction knowing what I’m doing to you gets you hard and makes you cum. Like that’s your baby batter that I just sucked out of you. So sure, it’s about giving you pleasure, but it’s further emphasizing that I am desired and in more control than you may ever realize.

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