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Dear Women: Fake Boobs

Dear Women,

When I woke up this morning at 2:17p.m., I had with a real good question for you: is there hatred for fake boobs? 

Before I dive into what I’ve already heard from you guys, let’s break it down from the male perspective: we do not care even a little bit. I’m not saying I’m encouraging every girl in the world to go out and buy themselves some double-Ds, but I can tell you for a fact that there are almost zero straight penis-havers who will be up in arms when a woman decides to go crazy on her chest. It doesn’t even have to be making them bigger, though, because guys will get just as excited about a simple touch up (that’s probably not what it’s called, and I’m aware of it). You know, the one where they do the thing where it makes them all like perky and bouncy and stuff. Anyway, I just wanted to lock it in for you ladies that if there is hatred for breast augmentation, it is not shared by the majority of the straight community. 

Now, onto my question because I want to know how you guys feel about it. Based on my own personal experiences, I know that there are girls out there who are against the whole plastic booby deal. I’ve heard several women in my life rant about how the Kardashians, “aren’t even attractive, they’ve just had a lot of work done.” You’re perfectly entitled to that opinion, I guess, but let me just point out again the previous paragraph. You are not going to receive support from the fellas on this one. And if you do have that opinion, I just ask this: why do you care? Shouldn’t you be supporting your ~sisters~ in their ~journey to make themselves happy~ or am I misunderstanding feminism? 

Moving onto the girls that encourage it in the same way I do, I get you. I understand you. You and I? We’re on the same page. 

The thing is, I just don’t which side the majority of women swing to. As I write this, I’m unsure of whether or not it’s a real hot take or if I’m calling out a small percentage of the female population. Please inform me.



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