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Dear Women: Instagram Comments

Dear Women,

I’m all for females supporting one another. You guys know how much I love you. But I do have one small bone to pick with all of you, and that is how you interact with one another through comments on each other’s posts. Just for example, I’m going to put some of the comments from one my female friend’s recent Instagram post: 

“you’re so hot.”




“literally perfect”

“obsessed w u.”

“how are you even allowed to be this beautiful”


There are about fifty more comments I could put down here, but it feels like my point has been made.

Now, like I said, I think it’s great that girls support one another, but holy shit this is getting ridiculous. I mean, what is the point of commenting stuff like that? I get it if you’re best friends want to say stuff like that, but we have entered a world where you all comment ridiculously affectionate things on each other’s posts when you barely even know each other. That simply doesn’t make sense to me. Just throw the picture a double tap and move on; why does there have to be all of this commenting – especially since you guys sometimes do this shit on other girls’ accounts that you don’t even like.

As if all that wasn’t enough, though, you guys can’t even just leave it there. For some reason, there also seems to be a need to respond BACK to every fucking comment. After you have someone who you’ve met maybe four times tell you that you’re the most gorgeous girl she’s ever seen, then we get into the “OMG STOP THAT’S YOU” shit, and that’s what I really don’t get. Why does it require a response like that? Can’t we just accept compliments anymore.

I know I probably care more about this than I should. I guess I could just avoid all the comment section on your Instagram posts, but you know what? Maybe I’m a little jealous. Maybe I’m wondering why you guys don’t tell me that I’m the one who’s “glowing” once in a while (let’s face it: I am glowing these days). Nope. I just thought about it. The reason that it bothers me is that it’s stupid, and I don’t understand it. Do you guys even understand why you do it? Or is it just one of those things that girls have to do?



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