Dear Women: Letter 4

Dear Women,

This week’s question is a big one, and it comes from years of personal experience of not understanding even a little bit what is going on with you guys: what’s your deal with pictures? We don’t understand.

Look, I understand not wanting to have a “bad picture” of yourself out there on your social media, but honestly, I usually can’t tell the difference between a good picture and a bad one when a girl is choosing what to post. The only times I ever see a picture of myself and know that I can’t post it are the ones where I’m looking in two different directions because I’m too drunk to focus on one thing at a time. But you guys do this shit with every fucking picture. It’s bad enough that you have to take 14,000 pics before you’re done for the night, but then you have to go through every single one and claim that you look bad in all but one? I’ve been there while this happens – there’s no difference between the ones that you look “hideous” in and the ones that can be posted.

And then on top of that, why does it matter what someone else posts? “You can’t post that, Tim, I look horrible!” is in fact a sentence I’ve heard more than once before. So what? It’s my Instagram. If I want to drunkenly put up a series of pictures that make no sense where everyone is visibly intoxicated, I should be able to do that. 

And one more thing. What the fuck is up with all these disposable cameras? Two years ago, I knew one person who regularly had disposable cameras. Now everybody without a Y chromosome has one, and God forbid you take a picture on it without permission. We have phones with cameras and filters and so many much things. Why do we need these too? I don’t get it.



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