Dear Women: Letter 5

Dear Women,

Why do you hate your friends? I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but every single girl I know has at least three friends that’re in her “friend group” that she doesn’t like. That’s not to mention the constant beef that always comes about. Why does this happen? 

I’m pretty mean to all of my friends because that’s the way it works, but when they’re not around I have pretty nice things to say about them. It always feels like the opposite is true for girls. Whenever one of you isn’t around, the rest have a whole lot to say about how they suck, but then she’s still your friend?

Take this for example, when I was in high school, there was one girl in my ex-girlfriend’s friend group that every single girl in the group really hated except for my ex. That’s not an exaggeration. They all hated her. Anyway, all I heard about from the rest of the group when she wasn’t around is how much they hated her, but then they still hang out all the time and post birthday shoutouts for her and all that garbage. How come you just don’t be friends with someone if you don’t like them? I don’t really get it. There are plenty of guys who I don’t get along with that I’ve come to a pretty mutual agreement with that we won’t hang out, and it’s pretty easy. Why is it that you guys can’t do that?

I don’t get it, and maybe I never will. It’s just seems pretty ridiculous to me that if you don’t like someone you’ll still hang out with her and post pictures with them on Instagram like she’s your best friend. You know what, though? I’d be willing to bet that you guys don’t really know why you do it either. 



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