Dear Women: Letter 6

Dear Women,

Big question this week. I know that answers will vary from woman to woman, but all I’m looking for is a generalized answer: do you guys masturbate? Let me dive a little deeper. I know that women do sometimes, but for guys it’s something that happens almost every day from the time that you’re thirteen until you die. So, what’s the deal with you guys?

Like I said, I know that women do flick their beans from time to time, but when does that start? I feel like it’s definitely not as soon as it is for guys. Sixteen? Seventeen? Eighteen? Twenty-five? I really have no clue. And after you do start, how often is this going down? Once or twice a week? It’s my understanding that girls sneakily enjoy sex just as much as guys do (you all just talk about it less), but does that mean that you’re ready to hop on the same near daily schedule for J-ing off as we have? Do you do it even more than we do? 

I think that every guy, myself included, would like to think that you’re pretty similar to us when it comes to the old “self-pleasuring,” but God’s honest truth is that none of us have any idea. Like zero clue at all. We talk about our… alone time… pretty much non-stop, but I rarely if ever hear about one of you ladies getting it on Han Solo. What’s up with that? Why won’t you just share with the rest of the class, ladies? You’re leaving all of us fellas in the dark on this one, and it’s not so cool.

All I’m asking here is for a little bit of insight. I don’t need to know all the details (but if you feel like you want to share the real specific stuff, by all means go ahead), but I would like to know at least a little bit what’s going on with females and wackin’ it. Help a brother out.



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