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Dear Women: Snapchat

Dear Women,

Hope you’re all well and had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did. But after a week of relaxation and alcohol consumption, I’m back at school and it’s time to really lock it in and get back into my most important job: academics. Just kidding… understanding all of you!

This week I want to tackle Snapchat, which (and maybe this is a hugely incorrect assumption) I believe to be the main way to communicate with a female lady friend before you enter into the more relationship form of communication: texting. Personally, I have a very love hate relationship with Snapchat. Some days I feel like sending a picture of my face back and forth with people is by far the stupidest way to communicate with anyone, and other days I thank God that I’m not forced to say anything at all when communicating with a girl – but really anyone for that matter.

First off, is there any kind of Snapchat that I shouldn’t be sending? I typically take a selfie, feel like a pussy that I just took a selfie, and send it without much further thought. Sometimes I send a picture of what’s in front of me if the switch to a front camera doesn’t work right away. Sometimes I make a silly face. But for the most part, it’s a standard picture of me giving a slight smile that gets sent from various places throughout the day. I feel like that seems to be the norm.

But what I really want to know is this: what should I be taking away from your Snapchats. Should men be waiting the same amount of time to respond to a Snapchat that you guys take? What exactly does it mean if we get a couple pictures in a row that don’t even contain your face? And how much conversation am I expected to make? If you can’t tell, I have a very slim understanding of the meanings of Snapchats women send, and I’m just trying to figure out what they are – if there are meanings at all. Let me know!



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