Derek Carr for MVP

I am very aware that Derek Carr is probably not a name on anyone’s radar whether it has to do with Fantasy Football or Football in general. The fact that he is in the best division the game has ever seen, and he’s not the most mobile QB has kinda left him out of the limelight for a while. However, I am here to tell you that you need to refocus your attention on him because I believe he is due for a breakout year and this is why.

The first reason is pretty obvious but I want to still say it. Devante Adams.

If you don’t believe that no matter which team Davante ended up on he wouldn’t make that team’s QB better then you have not been following Davante Adam’s career. In the past six seasons, he has only gotten less than 10 touchdowns once. He also has gotten over 1,000 receiving yards in three of the past four seasons. And this was all while being the only competent receiver on a football team. So yes, Davante Adams is going to make Derek Carr better. Not to mention the fact that they played together in college and already have chemistry due to being best friends.

The second reason is the improvements we have seen him make. In almost every season that Derek Carr has been in the NFL he has thrown for more yards, and last year he hit the 4,800 passing yards mark. You add Devante Adams to that equation and he is easily breaking the 5,000 passing yards barrier. The Raiders also didn’t lose their top Tight End talent Darren Waller or their elite WR2 player Hunter Renfrow. In fact when it comes to passing yards Derek Carr’s biggest problem will be the fact that he has too many mouths to feed.

And lastly, the Raiders do not have a good defense. In fact, they have a bad defense. This means they will have to win games on the back of their offense being prolific. Last year the Raiders’ defense was 25th in opponent’s touchdowns per game, 26th in points allowed per game, and 22nd in takeaways per game. This is not great in a league of 32 teams. Additionally, six of their games will be against top offenses due to their division being so good which does not bode well for this defense. Thus, making it all the more necessary for Derek to lead the Raiders offensively to get wins. 

All in all, Derek Carr was already a good Quarterback, who improved every year and was just given the best wide receiver in football to throw to who also happens to be his best friend. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think an MVP season may be on the horizon.

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Written by Warren Loukota

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