Deshaun Watson’s Girlfriend is a Smoke

If a man with 24 sexual assault cases can still have a smoking-hot girlfriend, what are the rest of us doing wrong? Sure, I’m not an NFL quarterback that makes millions of dollars every year, but I feel like the sexual assault cases might blemish someone’s image beyond repair. Money is money, I guess. 

Jilly Anais – Watson’s girlfriend – is a bonafide smoke show. There’s no doubt about it. It’s only fitting that the stunning model and influencer would be dating a stud quarterback like Deshaun, but I don’t anyone can look at Watson the same after his recent massage therapist controversies. As reported by TMZ, the couple celebrated four years together last month, which means Jilly has stuck by Watson’s side through the past year of constant scrutiny. Either she really loves him or she really loves money.

These might be the most impressive abs I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Jilly is CUT. The Browns could probably use her at safety or something with how abysmal their defense was last year. All jokes aside, Deshaun Watson should definitely put a ring on it (as long as he can give up his love for massage therapy).

After he beat all those cases, Watson is living the dream. I couldn’t imagine anything better than sitting courtside at an NBA game with your 11/10 girlfriend. Sure, Cleveland probably isn’t the most desirable city to live in, but he could always force himself out of there if he really wanted to. If Jonathan Taylor can do it, Deshaun definitely can.

Written by the godfather

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