Desperate Woman Scammed by Fake ‘Stranger Things’ Star, Sent Catfish $10K

With how advanced AI has become already, I can somewhat understand getting catfished. However, there are still some dead giveaways when someone is lying about their identity online. For example, getting asked for ten thousand dollars should immediately be a red flag. Especially if that person is Dacre Montgomery, who starred as Billy in the hit show Stranger Things. Every day I become more and more amazed by the pure stupidity that exists in our world. I’ve been down bad before, but this is an entirely new level of desperation. 

Not only did this woman send her catfish ten grand in gift cards, crypto, and other payment forms over time, but she even divorced her husband to be with “Billy”. Whoever this scammer was, they’ve got serious game. Somehow, the catfish got this poor woman to pick him over the father of her children. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this. I mean, sending money is one thing, but this is just a whole nother level of scam. If Netflix is really smart, they’ll do a docuseries on this whole thing. On top of this being a ridiculous story, they’d get a bunch of Stranger Things promotion too. 

While I still think this chick is pretty dumb for getting catfished like this, I do feel kinda bad for her. There’s a good chance she’ll never see that $10K ever again and there’s no shot her husband is going to come back. Maybe the real Dacre Montgomery will drop his smoke show of a girlfriend Liv Pollock soon and this chick can finally shoot her shot for real. Highly unlikely, but who knows?

Written by the godfather

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