Detroit Police Officer Caught With Sex Worker

(Photo by Robin Buckson of The Detroit News)

Oh how the tables have turned on this Detroit police officer.

Bryan Ferguson, a member of the Detroit Police Board of Commissioners, resigned yesterday after being caught with a prostitute.

On Wednesday, July 12 at 7:15am, Ferguson was stopped by two undercover narcotics officers after they recognized a passenger. The passenger was none other than a “known sex worker.”

Upon being caught, Ferguson disclosed his position as the District 1 Police Commissioner and urged the deputies to “help him out.” They did not.

Ferguson was charged with a misdemeanor for indecent or obscene conduct involving a sex act with a prostitute. One day later, Ferguson announced his resignation. “It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the residents of Detroit in police oversight,” Ferguson told the Detroit Free Press in his resignation statement. “After further consideration of the best interests of my family and the Board, I am choosing to resign as District 1 Police Commissioner effective immediately.”

Too early to get freaky?

This guy is an idiot, and kind of a freak. I mean, prostitution at seven in the morning. That’s just asking to be caught. He literally did it in broad daylight while most people are either getting ready for the day or still asleep. The only people on the streets at that time are cops, prostitutes, and school teachers. Plus, he picked out a “well known” prostitute. I get only settling for the best, but as the Police Commissioner you gotta know that she is a recognizable face across the department.

Aside from being stupid enough to get caught, Ferguson’s attempt at an alibi was comically atrocious. When Captain Jason Bates pulled him over at the scene, Ferguson’s excuse was the woman hopped in his truck unexpectedly and “just pulled up right on me.” He continues that the situation was just “a big misunderstanding.”

What does that even mean, dude? “She just pulled up on me,” loosely translates to “it’s not my fault this random woman was able to get into my vehicle and then drive it over to this abandoned parking lot where the car began to shake uncontrollably.” I don’t know, Ferguson. It kinda feels like there are a bunch of steps you missed in the story. Prostitutes don’t just enter your car willy-nilly. There is usually an exchange of compensation before she just hops in. Seems pretty convenient he left that part out.

Anyway, there’s your funny cop story for the day. I wish I could say it was surprising, but then again it happened in Detroit so you can’t be too shocked.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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