Devin Booker, Frank The Tank, and The Rest Of The Phoenix Suns Went Ham Last Night

The Suns, Chris Paul, and Suns in 4 guy did it last night they finally made the Finals. After a six-game series, the Suns finally sent the Clippers home, and the entire Suns team went ham. Chris Paul had his legacy game scoring 41 points; Booker was ripping his mask off and getting elbowed in his broken nose while still scoring 22 points. The Suns’ team celebrated as soon as they touched back down in Phoenix.

I’m so jealous of how much NBA players make. Cam Payne has bounced around the league, he’s not an insanely great player, and here he is driving a sick car. I’m not going to pretend to be a car guy, but I know that car is sick as fuck.

People want to shit on this parade and tell the Suns to win the Finals first before throwing a parade. I say fuck them; any reason to party is a good reason. The Suns haven’t made the Finals since 1993 and haven’t made the playoffs since the 09-10 season.

This man is the real MVP; he was getting roasted online for not fighting Patrick Beverly after he shoved Chris Paul to the ground. And here he is chugging beers with the people. Good job by Frank though the Suns have been fucked over before for players stepping in and then getting ejected. If you don’t remember, Robert Horry checked Steve Nash into the scorer’s table, Amare Stoudemire and Borias Diaw’s toes went over the line, and they were both suspended for a game because they left the bench. The Spurs went onto win the series.

We had Booker drunk tweeting after they arrived home. We know that Booker and D’Angelo Russell are buddies, but here we have Booker telling the world that he’s his favorite player. Before Chris Paul was traded to Phoenix, there were rumors that DLO would be traded to the Suns. Thankfully for Booker, that didn’t happen because I don’t see a DLO Booker team making the finals. He, of course, tossed out the quote that Kobe wrote on his shoes; if I was Booker and the Suns win the Finals, he needs to get that tattooed in Kobe’s handwriting.

Anyway, I know regardless of who makes it out of the Eastern Conference, I’ll be rooting for the Suns. My friend is a massive Suns fan, and even though it’s fun to bust his balls, I’m afraid of what will happen if the Suns lose the Finals. The rest of America should also be rooting for the Suns.

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