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Did Chris Paul Actually Get With Kim K??

I’m sure by now we’ve all seen Kanye’s tweet about CP3 hooking up with his wife – at the time – Kim Kardashian, but is it actually true? It’s not like Kanye is the most reliable source, especially with his absurd public support of Hitler, but there’s no way he could be just making this scandal up, right? 

The more plausible reality is obviously that Chris Paul didn’t hook up with Kim K, and if that can somehow be supported with legitimate evidence, Kanye would be in just about as good of a position right now as Antonio Brown. This story honestly seems as though there isn’t enough concrete support to believe either side, but god do I want it to be true. I mean, banging Kim K is probably the closest thing to winning a championship that CP3 will ever do, so massive props to that guy on the off chance this really happened. Even if it was Cliff Paul, it’s still an enormous dub, especially for State Farm. I’m not too big on conspiracy theories, but this Drake post has got me wanting to watch “9/11 was an inside job” videos on YouTube:

It would probably make more sense that Drake was wearing a CP3 jersey because his album was dropping on September 3rd, but that doesn’t mean there couldn’t have been some double meaning. Beef with Kanye = Exposing Chris Paul’s affair with Kim K. Makes perfect sense.

Written by the godfather

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