Did This Turn You On?

If you are not aware, there is a Space Jam reboot with Lebron James in the works that is sure to disappoint as all reboots do. If you are dumb and don’t know what Space Jam is, here’s a 1 sentence summary: Real-life basketball players and cartoon characters play basketball in a very successful movie that pleased basketball fans and furry fans. The director of the remake has made a choice to make Lola bunny “less sexualized” and “more strong”. Now, what does he mean by “less sexualized”? He’s probably talking about this:

This makes sense in my mind. While I know they needed a “love interest” for the first movie, It really annoys me how they do the old cartoon trope of “she is hot and other characters can see that”. With all the cartoonish hearts and literally every cartoon character on screen looking at her like the quiet kid being forced to do public speaking. It’s a cop-out. It’s an easy way to move the romantic plot of the movie while not complicating the actual plot. I am interested to see how they make Lola more “normal” in the remake. Maybe she isn’t as good as she was in the first movie.

But, it wouldn’t be 2021 without people on Twitter being mad at a choice they have no say in. I kid you not, people are advocating for an EVEN MORE sexy Lola for the remake. They are saying she “isn’t sexy enough” just confirming my previous argument of people watching the movie only saw her as hot. A lot of people are mad at this choice and I know why… 

PEOPLE HATE REBOOTS. People love to beg studios to “bring back BLANK”, but also love to hate “you ruined my childhood”. Not me. I say bring on the reboots. Bad reboots are usually looked at as “ruining” a tv show or movie but I don’t see it that way. In my eyes, reboots make the original more special because you know there will never be anything like it again… even when they tried to do it. You got a front-row seat to history with the original, so stop your bitching and allow women to be in stuff… that’s right I’m talking to all you Ghostbuster 2016 haters. That one pisses me off. Don’t get me wrong, that movie sucked, but it doesn’t remove the original from existence. You can still watch the original ghostbusters…

So to all the people wanting Lola Bunny to be more sexualized… I have one word and a number for you… Rule34

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