Disneyland; The Happiest Place in the World, but Not for Her

I recently made a trip to Disneyland for the first time in my life at the age of 21 years old and found it to be magical. I went drinking around the World in Epcot and was overwhelmed with the attractions. As I stood in the country of Mexico I found myself staring at the impressive pyramid in the dining hall. I needed to capture the moment. I took out my cell phone to snap a quick picture before making my way onto the boat tour, and by unfortunate circumstances, my flash was on. It’s a dark room. While a couple was just trying to enjoy their meal in a magical environment, an intrusive 21-year-old stood in their way blinding them with the flash of an iPhone 8. 

I couldn’t help but think I was responsible for the worst day of this woman’s life. After zooming in on the picture and seeing the horrified face that resulted from my own actions I knew that I ruined her entire day to follow her meal. I pictured a scenario of how I think the rest of her day went, hypothetically of course. Here it is.

After finishing her ruined meal, she did not tip the waiter, in fact, she went on yelp to write an essay about how a kid took a picture of her and bothered her to the point where she had completely lost her appetite. She made her way out of the country of Mexico and was greeted by Mickey Mouse. She proceeded to rip the head off of him and yelled “you’re not even real, why don’t you get a real job” as a group of 4-year-olds lose their imagination permanently. Her husband was trying to calm her down, but it’s too late. He suggests going to the ride Test Track but there is no way she is waiting 20 minutes on that line. He tried to buy her mouse ears to cheer her up, but she snapped them in half and threw them in the fountain. A very nice custodian asked her politely not to do that and she replied with “you’re worse than the guy in the Mickey Mouse suit, go clean it up and stop crying about it. It’s your job” It wasn’t long after this that security was told about her and they stepped in to remove her from the park. All because of me. I just had to take that picture.

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