Do College Kids Care About College Baseball?

Everybody loves college football and college basketball. College hockey isn’t talked about, and that’s because there are 100 different leagues for hockey, and a lot of the best players come from Canada, Russia, and many other countries, so the best players don’t even play at college. But do college kids love college baseball even a little sliver as much as basketball and football?

I think why more people aren’t in love with the College World Series like they are with March Madness is because the College World Series is confusing as fuck. I’m not even gonna try and explain to you instead I’ll just copy and paste an article I found explaining it all.

If my math holds true, eight teams advance from the Super Regionals and meet to play in the CWS. The CWS imitates the insanity of the earlier rounds. It consists of two double-elimination brackets of four teams each. The winners of each bracket meet in a best-of-three final. The winner of the final series has successfully navigated this beast and is crowned National Champion.

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Before the College World Series, regional matchups determine what teams go to the College World Series. There’s no winner or go-home insanity like there is in the College Playoffs and March Madness, which hurts the tournament. If it was one loss and you go home, there would be a lot more strategy going into the entire tournament. What pitcher would you play in the 2nd round versus the 3rd round could make the biggest difference?

The College World Series takes place in one stadium, and that’s it. There’s no traveling to other stadiums in different states, the World Series doesn’t ever move, which some might hate, but I love. Why else would you ever travel to Omaha, Nebraska? The College World Series is the only reason. For years I’ve been trying to convince my wife to move to Nebraska because where I live is filled with tourists, and you can’t even enjoy the summers. So nobody goes to Nebraska unless it’s the College World Series, which I would love.

What people hate about Major League Baseball is that it’s all strikeouts and homers. That’s not the case for College World Series. Players are swinging at first pitches, pitchers are throwing in the mid-’80s, and the exciting play makes up the lack of skill. I’ll be watching the College World Series final this week since I have nothing better to do while being injured. If you’re bored at your parent’s house, instead of scrolling through Tik Tok for hours, watch the College World Series instead.

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