Do You Believe The Rumors That Jimmy Butler And Rachel Nichols Hooked Up?

Rachel Nichols has been in hot water this week for some stuff that she said about people or whatever. I truly don’t care. I’m not here to report real news; I’m here to find the funny shit on the internet. After the Nichols scandal, the rumors that she and Jimmy Butler hooked up during the NBA Bubble started up again. The internet was talking about it so much that Jimmy Butler started to trend on Twitter. The internet is always undefeated, and the memes that came out of this are great.

In the entire Jimmy Butler vs. KAT saga, I took Butler’s side. KAT seemed to be a baby back bitch with the entire beef, but this clip hits different now.

Nobody really knows how this rumor started, but what I found was when Jimmy had noise complaints about dribbling a basketball in his hotel room; maybe it wasn’t a basketball he was bouncing.

That security guard saw a sweaty Jimmy, but instead of him being in full practice gear, he was ass naked with Nichols chilling under him. No basketball insight, but instead, it was Nichols cheeks being clapped. People are pointing at how Nichols was in the bubble for the entire time, and this interview between the two of them was a little too friendly.

Do you actually believe this rumor, or do you think it’s a stupid internet rumor that isn’t even a little accurate? I don’t think it’s real, but hey, I wouldn’t blame Jimmy.

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