Does Anybody Actually Know Why Devin Booker Was Ejected Last Night?

This is a nationally televised game, and instead of seeing the young star, the refs decided to toss him. The viewership for the NBA has been a hot-button topic for more than a year, and last night’s Lakers vs. Suns was supposed to be a great game. You have two older legends with Chris Paul and Lebron James. Two teams are competing for a top seed in the West, and instead, the refs threw out Booker early in the second half.

Supposedly Booker got his first technical after complaining to the refs about a call. His second technical was because he said profound language to the ref and aggressively tossed a ball to the ref. The funny thing is that the ref who easily caught the ball didn’t hand out the foul. Multiple Lakers players reacted to the call as you can see Montrezl Harrell instantly talks to Booker, and you can clearly see that LeBron responds with “What the fuck?” Was that because of what Booker said or because he was getting ejected? There’s no way to know this, but this isn’t the first time the refs have been Charmin soft this year.

Is there a certain way that players need to hand the ball to refs now? JJ was ejected because he put a little English on the ball when he passed it. Draymond Green was trying to be a leader on defense with his young center, and he gets tossed because the refs feelings were hurt, and they felt like they were being attacked. The refs shouldn’t have this much say in a game. Just by watching many games, it seems like it turns into a free throw completion, as the refs call every tic tac foul. We have players throwing a ball too hard, and they get ejected, but players can scream and get in the face of refs, and everything is fine.

James Harden, Trae Young, and Luka complain every time a finger grazes them, and the refs take that. When will the refs not make themselves be the center of attention? As a fan, all I want to do is watch a great game, and to do that, I need the best player to play the game. I don’t want a ref tossing them because their feelings got hurt. I wonder if having no fans cheering or booing has the refs hear every little thing that is being said to them and how much the players truly hate them.

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