Does your NFL team have a hall of Famer on it?

Pro Football, or the NFL as many have called it, has the largest entry barrier to the hall of fame of any major sports league. Seldom, if ever, do football players get into the HOF in thier first year on the balot. I decided to go through every NFL team and see if they have a guarantee hall of Famer on their team.

I’d like to preface this by saying that there are dozens of HOF worhty players in the league right now, but they are still to young. For this article, I’m strictly talking about players who I’d bet my left nut on making into the HOF.

I also realized after writing this that there is a similar article from CBS written by Bryan DeArdo. I did not consult that article but if you want his opinion you can see it at



New England: There is no Patriot that is currently a hall of fame lock. Jones, as a QB, has the best shot, but it’s way too early to tell.

Buffalo: Von Miller is an absolute lock to make the hall of fame. He might not be a first ballot, but Miller has proven himself to be one of the greatest rushers of the 21st century. His Super Bowl MVP is the distinguishing award that propelled him to HOF status.

New York: There are no Jet’s players that are a lock to make the hall of fame, and there are no Jets players that are on their way there. Zach Wilson is gonna need to bang a few more MILF’s to get into that type of talk.

Miami: There are no locks on the Dolphins to make the Hall. Tyreek Hill is easily the best case, and if he can continue his pace of play for another couple of years he might make his way into Canton.


Pittsburgh: TJ Watt has the potential to be better than his older brother, but he still needs three pro bowl years to guarantee his spot in the hall of fame. I’ll also say this: of any player not locked to make it, I like TJ the most.

Baltimore: Yes, Justin Tucker. The greatest kicker of all time could retire today and be in the hall of fame in five years.

Cincinnati: No, there’s no one right now that’s getting in from Cincinnati. With that said, Joe Burrow is off to as good of a start as almost any QB to ever play. QBs also have the best chance to make it in.

Cleveland: Myles Garret is halfway there, but he’s still got work to put in. He’s lucky everyone calmed down about him trying to murder Mason Rudolph a few years ago.


Jacksonville: No Jaguar looks good enough to make it. Josh Allen (the other one) has the early promise but we need to see more.

Indianapolis: Matt Ryan and Mathew Stafford are the two guys no one can agree on. Statistically, Ryan is a Hall of Famer. Not having the hardware is another story, his sole MVP is all he has to show for a great career. If he can add on more in de Annapolis (great commercial), he can solidify his odds.

Houston: Houston is the least likely team to have a hall of Famer, with Larmey Tunsil being their best bet. The injury-prone tackle needs to stay on the field to make his case.

Tennessee: Derrick Henry is closer than you’d think, but he still needs a few years of good play. His peak play is hall of fame worthy, but getting into Canton is a marathon, not a dash.


Kansas City: This might be a hot take, but Mahomes could retire today and he’d be a hall of famer. No one came into the league as loud as he did, and he already has more accolades than QB’s we’d consider in.

Denver: Russel Wilson is a sure-fire lock to make the hall of fame. He joins Brady as one of the few QBs taken outside the first round that is locked to make it.

LA: Khalil Mack is probably going to be in the hall of fame, contingent on some solid years with the Chargers. He’s proven to be a top 3 defensive player at his peak. Joey Bosa is also on the path to making it.

Las Vegas: Carr won’t make it in, but Davante Adams is more than halfway there. If he can keep getting the TD’s he’s had in the past with Green Bay, he’s all but a lock to make it.



Dallas: On first glance, you think Dallas has no one that’s gonna come close. Zack Martin would like to say something about that. The best guard of the 21st century has more years in the league than holding penalties. The Cowboys almost took Manzel instead of him too. Tyron Smith was also the best taclke of the 2010s, he’s slightly less likely to make it, but I see 2/5ths of Dallas’s line making it to Ohio.

New York: Saquads is the only guy with the talent, but like CMC, he has to stay healthy. Even then, his stats aren’t good enough yet.

Philadelphia: I think Jason Kelce and Fletcher Cox are hall of famers. They’ve both proven their talent consistently throughout the years, with a rare super bowl win against Brady helping the cause. Cox has a better shot than Kelce, but I’d be surprised if neither makes it.

Washington: Chase Young is about it, but he’s got a long, long way to go.


Carolina: CMC is in a league of his own when he’s healthy. CMC is also rarely healthy at this point. He could make a case to be the most talented player to never make the hall of fame if he doesn’t fix his injury risk.

New Orleans: A tie between Cameron Jordan and Alvin Kamara and Tyrann Mathieu. All three have legitimate shots to make it, but it’s more likely none make it than they all do.

Tampa Bay: Tom Brady might make the hall of fame, hard to tell for sure though. Tampa Bay also leads the league in probable/ border line hall of famers.

Atlanta: There isn’t a player on Atlanta making the Hall of fame. Pitts might but it’s too early to tell. To be fair, the duo of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are both going to make their cases with the bulk of their work coming from Atlanta.


Green Bay: Despite his consistent controversy in the last few years, Aaron Rodgers is the second most likely player in the NFL to make the hall of fame after Brady.

Detroit: Hell no. Aidan Hutchinson is their best bet and he has played zero (0) regular season snaps. He has the potential, just needs to act on it.

Minnesota: Patrick Peterson, though fallen off in the last few years, is as close. He needs a few more years of solid numbers to get in, but his prime play with Arizona is worthy of consideration.

Chicago: It’s hard to see any active Bear making the hall of fame. Khalil Mack was their best bet before his trade. Robert Quinn holds the best odds as of now, but I don’t see him coming close.


LA: If Aaron Donald isn’t a hall of Famer I don’t know who we are letting in there. Only Ray Lewis and JJ Watt challenge him for greatest defensive player of the 21st century.

Seattle: It was Wilson, now it’s no one. Metcalf, like so many others on this list, has the potential but needs to do more. Cursed are the young.

Arizona: JJ Watt is a hall of famer by every measure of the term. The greatest defensive player of the 2010s, Watt’s sunset years in Arizona will not make or break his chances.

San Francisco: Trent Williams has that dawg in him. He will be in within the first three years of eligibility.


Whatever the hell Antonio Brown is, he’s a hall of famer. The best WR of the 2010s, his shenanigans don’t cancel that out.

Written by tfmdirtymike

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