Dog the Bounty Hunter to Join Manhunt for Escaped Murderer

Two weeks ago, a convicted killer named Danelo Cavalcante escaped a prison in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Authorities in the area have been searching for Cavalcante for two weeks straight. He was still able to steal a rifle and a van, and is still at large. Cavalcante’s time appears to be running out, though, as Dog the Bounty Hunter is getting ready to end this case. 

Dog the Bounty Hunter was tv’s authority figure from 2004-2012. The guy would probably still be catching criminals on camera if he could just clean his personality up around the edges (him and Papa John have a tendency to use the same word). That being said, there was a brief period of time where criminals were equally afraid of a blonde mullet as they were of blue and flashing lights.

Danelo Cavalcante has become the high-profile criminal in the past few weeks. His decisions to murder people have decreased his popularity in the media. Still, the video of his escape was impressive as hell. If Andy Dufresne were half as athletic and daring as this guy, The Shawshank Redemption would only be twenty minutes with this guy as the lead. That officially put Dog the Bounty Hunter on alert. I don’t know if anyone else is capable of stopping this man.

I’m happy Dog the Bounty Hunter is getting active on this case. The police have no grasp on this man, or his intended actions. It’s officially time to get a real problem solver in PA. I’d even go as far as to offer up my basement up to Dog the Bounty Hunter in this time. I’m only forty-five minutes from Chester County, and would be happy to move the waterpipes and empty beer cans off the coffee table for him. I would just be happy to help out a legend on his quest for justice. 

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